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    Expert Valuations with instant liquidity through ARTEM. Secure facilities worldwide.

    The Process:

    1. Register on
    2. Download iPhone App
    3. Scan your artwork and upload to your profile
    4. A member of artcels will be in touch within 5 working days with a quote for your artwork.

    Once an offer has been made you will receive an offer in ARTEM Coins, at this stage you can:

    1. Convert your ARTEM Coins and lock an instant trade and wire transfer to your account in any major currency (USD, GBP, EUR)
    2. Spend your ARTEM Coins with other Artworks available in our Portfolios or invest them back into our Investment Art Programs (IAP):
        • Build a collection through aquisitions of selected Artworks
        • Invest through our 'NFTs' with fractional ownership and minimised risks through blockchain technologies.