Joseph Klibansky


Using iconographic and pop culture vernacular, Klibansky's paintings reference the bleak and melancholic through a seemingly utopian lens. Playing with the implication of what is seen versus what an image implies, Klibansky’s hyper-realized paintings and sculptures address phenomenology (the study of structures of consciousness as experienced from the first-person point of view) and explores realms where both utopian and dystopian truths can co-exist.


Continuing the artist's ongoing exploration of perception, Klibanksy’s large-scale idealistic paintings feature a process of figurative and abstract layering. Through this process, the artist is able to compress time, space and narrative and examine the relationship between what we see and what an image can imply. Implication and paradox are at the heart of Joseph Klibansky's work. What can first appear joyous can descend into bleak melancholy.