A R T C E L S is the brainchild of commodities trader, Gijs de Viet and London-based contemporary art gallerist, Elio D’Anna of the House of Fine Art (HOFA), who designed it to open the lucrative world of blue-chip art investments to a wider and younger international market. The pioneering contemporary art portfolio will offer investors equity in the form of digital tokens (NFTs) backed by shares in the artworks as registered assets of a London UK based Limited company.

The single best performing asset class over the last 100 years.

Citing the Economist, Gijs de Viet explains that "Fine Art has been the single best performing asset class over the last 100 years, so it’s about time this opportunity be opened up to a much wider group of investors." He adds, “A R T C E L S’ mission, is to provide a new alternative to traditional ways of investing in art whilst building a bold and diverse portfolio of Contemporary Art with a focus on unique works and rare editions to attract younger, web-savvy investors with an offer on high-end assets and high value shares.