ARTCELS is a pioneering asset-based tokenized art investment platform which uses NFTs, blockchain technology and cryptography to facilitate safe and secure investment in some of the most valuable blue-chip contemporary art on the market today.
The model provides state-of-the-art authentication at the point of sale and purchase while also allowing investors members to opt for partial and shared ownership in the artworks they carefully curate.


The incorporation of authenticity, ownership and asset inventory information into a single digital token (NFTs) is set to introduce a «Gold Standard» of transparency and trust into a market plagued by poor data quality in connection with tangible assets. Beyond minimised risk on trades and its investment offerings, A R T C E L S will also afford subscribers the opportunity to enjoy their investments at exclusive art events held multiple times each year, with London, Los Angeles, Mykonos and Shanghai already planned for 2021 and  2022. As co-founder Elio D' Anna explains, "...as a diverse investment, investing in art through A R T C E L S is both secure and engaging because there's also the aspect of enjoying your investment at public exhibitions, as well as private viewings with other shareholders. It's a pleasure that's only comparable to collecting classic cars, watches and fine wines.


A R T C E L S parcels curated blue-chip contemporary art portfolios into shares worth a minimum of £720 ($1000) determined through proven quantitative strategies for art asset acquisitions and made available exclusively to subscribers. Art connoisseurs and enthusiasts will get a chance to experience A R T C E L S at the yearly exhibitions, where artworks by Banksy, KAWS, Damien Hirst, George Condo, Jeff Koons and other blue-chip artists will be on display. Prospective investors can choose between sole acquisitions or investments in wider, diversified art portfolios which offer fractional ownership and reduced risk. Whatever their choice, they can be assured they are investing in carefully sourced art, whose value are projected to appreciate based on expert analysis of market trends.


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