Fabio Viale is an Italian sculptor who was born in Cuneo, September 19, 1975. After his studies at the artistic high school and at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, Italy, Viale started to work professionally as a sculptor. Fabio inks his marble reproductions of iconic sculptures with heavy scenes of ancient stories, swirling waves, and foreboding clouds. Viale's sculptures have been exhibited in Italy, Russia, Germany and the United States. Each vine, flower, and dragon-based composition is settled on a darkened backdrop that tends to envelop an entire back, leg, or shoulder, triggering an uncommon amalgam of material and form. Viale doesn’t paint the marble but rather infuses an arm or chest with color and pattern in a manner that’s similar to tattooing a human body. He collaborated with chemists to refine the blended technique and said that “not surprisingly, each natural material has its strong personality and difficulties connected to it.”